Laravel tinker functionality

May 31, 2017
Laravel Routing Techniques
June 25, 2017

Laravel tinker functionality

PHP is by far the most interactive way to communicate with server side and the interaction becomes more easy when you us some PHP based framework.ONE of such framework that exists is well known as Laravel.

Laravel is based on the MVC framework which works similar to other MVC’s along with additional features.

One of such features that we are going to discuss today is the  Laravel’s lesser-known features to quickly read data from our Laravel applications. We can use Laravel artisan’s built-in php artisan tinker to mess around with your application and things in the database.

The one who worked at any MVC must be familiar with the way to test the PHP data. To test it out we are often using the Print_r() or die() or something like dd() which makes it difficult for user and its quite a time taking technique which you can too use in laravel.

But it has already provided some of cool technique to run and play with your database query without actually writing the code inside your project

php artisan tinker in your Cmd would open a way to write the piece of code inside terminal in a form of query which would directly run and execute the thing of query as it would have normal done when written inside the project file

With  php artisan tinker, we can do the the testing of our Eloquent or query builder queries in very effective and  pretty quickly. Tinker is Laravel’s own repl(read-eval-print-loop), based on PsySH. It allows us to interact with our applications and stop dd()ing and die()ing all the time.


Sample command For useful result->

  • creating User with Tinker

php artisan tinker

$users= App\User();





  • Fetch data from User table

php artisan tinker

$users= App\User()::all();

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