How to edit woo commerce template by custom coding

September 19, 2016
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December 5, 2016

How to edit woo commerce template by custom coding

Most of the wordpress user might be confuse and thinking for many days that how to change the look and feel of my shop page,cart page,checkout page and other woocommerce pages which are not showing in your dashboard.

so here we will tell you how to customise your woocommerce page without using any plugin by doing custom html and php coding or by rearranging the default code .

so i will tell you how to do that

first of all you thinking that these pages are not visible ———solution is these these pages have the template define

you have to change in the template  which you can find in

go to plugin editor

woocommerce/templates/your all template file ………for example if you want to change the shop page you have to change archive-product.php or if u want to change single product then you have to choose single -product.php 

but this is not the best practice to change those pages you can change it by overriding in your current theme.

Most of the theme which support woocommerce have already overridden these template to see this go to …….

yourtheme/woocommerce/templates/choose template page

But if your them dont have these folder then you override it by yourself just follow these simple Steps

  1. make a folder name woocommerce in your theme folder
  2. Then in woocommerce folder make another folder templetes
  3. Then go to plugin woocommerce/templates and copy all template file and paste it in your theme template folder which you have made.
  4. now you can change those template and and the result will reflect on your pages

Warning: Do this if You have proper knowledge of codes

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