OmniScan – Enterprise Level Document Capture & Scanning Application

OmniScan is an advanced document capture, scanning and auto-indexing application. It accelerates business processes by enabling document scans from any scanner, file system or multifunction scan device. Information originating in the form of paper, office documents, faxes etc are effectively captured and delivered to relevant business applications like an ECM or a BPM. OmniScan automatically identifies document type based on user defined scripts. It uses optical and intelligent character recognition technologies for extracting relevant business information wedged in documents. OmniScan provides means for automatic indexing of bar-coded data. OmniScan document capture capabilities are supplemented by its unique Document Quality Analyzer (DQA) tool for auto correcting the scanned images without manual intervention. The DQA provides automatic correction of parameters like format/ compression improper document capture in the from of, skewed documents, erroneous orientation, error in automatic cropping, punch hole marks etc. during scanning. Pitted against manual quality checks, it reduces the risk of erroneous information capture.

OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite

The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) is the market leading solution to enable “digital transformation of your enterprise”. It allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction. OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud creating a highly connected and digital workplace. It offers a robust US DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around management of records.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction:-

    Achieve quick turnaround time, accurate responses and better visibility of document centric, customer facing processes..

  • Enhance Business Productivity:-

    Deliver contextual content to the business user, enhancing efficiency and reusability.

  • Reduce Operating Costs:-

    Manage electronic handling of critical content in all forms, right from its capture, storage and management to delivery

Account Payable Solution

Accounts Payable is a critical business process for any enterprise. It impacts and also defines two vital business functions, that of Cash Flow and External Vendor/Supplier Payment Management which are directly attributable to a firm’s profitability. A well organized and robust Accounts Payable process helps organizations boost performance by lowering costs. Newgen AP process are flexible enough to adapt changing business requiremnts with flexible business rules management, process modelling, designing, executing and monitoring your business processes for continuous improvement – BPMS is the way to go.

  • Single Window Digitization:-

    Invoices received whether at a central-back office or at disparate locations can be captured and their processing centralized by transferring their scanned images to a Common Mail Room. Relevant data and information from invoices are extracted, indexed and validated automatically ensuring delivery of accurate information to workflow and ERP systems.

  • Systematic Flow of Processes:-

    Newgen AP Portal uses Newgen’s robust BPM platform to help AP managers balance multiple complex relationships with suppliers as well as stakeholders. Invoice collection, exceptions, resolutions and payments, each of these processes are streamlined. Each process is rule driven and addressed to the appropriate business participants.

  • Real time Process Monitoring:-

    The AP portal uses Newgen’s Business Activity Monitor, a tool which allows AP managers to develop 360 degree process performance view. Using the Activity Monitor, managers have access to real time Dashboards which highlights lacunas or bottle-necks within the process which enables timely resolution of issues.

  Image Enablement for ERP/SAP

ERP/SAP is used by various functions like procurement, finance, HR etc. where they need physical document copies to perform transactions from time to time. Newgen Image Enablement Solution helps ERP/SAP users to view the images of physical documents for a transaction from within the ERP/SAP interface digitally.

  • Images related to the transactions can be seen at the “Click of a Button”. Information can be cross checked with GRN ,PO or Invoice (For Accounts Payable Process).

  • Better cash flow management as the status of the invoices is easily available online.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to the electronic documents.

  • The solution has enterprise level security where in users with pre defined roles can access and perform operations on the documents based on rights.

  • Ease on the fly workflow configuration with minimum or no configuration.

  • One can maintain and manage multiple  invoices against a given PO if needed.

  • Complete audit trails for both internal and external auditors, helping the customer better in terms of meeting compliances

  • Non-ERP process can be automated through Newgen ECM Solution.

  CUP - Configurable Unified Platform
    Why Configurable?
  • Faster Go to Market Ensure faster product roll-out and rapid business expansion with quick adaption to market needs.

  • Invest once & Configure for life One-time investment in one solution that lets you configure to offer new loan types-all from one single platform.

  • Why Unified?
  • Straight Through Processing Reduce data redundancy and needless manual intervention through end-to-end automation of loan lifecycle.

  • Fix Broken Lending Processes Achieve seamless business information flow across departments by integrating diverse applications across departments as well as third parties.

  • Why Platform?
  • Surviving with Legacy Build on top of legacy systems to leverage existing investments while addressing inherent limitations
  • Automate & Scale Add rapid scalability to business to enter new market/expand in existing market by quickly adapting to market needs through end-to-end automation

Newgen Enterprise Solution on Cloud

    Newgen Cloud solutions offer full access to its award-winning Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities and best practices on the Cloud. The process platform can be used to quickly build key vertical business processes or horizontal processes such as Retail Loan Origination System, Account Payable Solution, Insurance New Business etc.

About Newgen

Newgen Software is a leading global vendor/provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), Document Management System (DMS), Workflow and Process Automation software. The company has a global footprint of 1300+ installations in over 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions that have been deployed at the world's leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers. Newgen Software Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. - Leader in ECM, BPM, CCM and Case Management space.

Benefits from Newgen Solutions
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Process visibility
  • 360-degree Business Activity Monitoring
Newgen Differentiators
  • Comprehensive Suite with strong Document Management, Imaging, Scanning, Records Management and BPM capabilities
  • Graphical Process Modeler empowering business users to take ownership of their business processes
  • Scalable for managing billions of documents
  • Strong Technical Capabilities
  • Certified Records Management to comply with regulatory and legal policies